Mikrotik Transceiver Programming with MaxiMate from Cloudtronics

What MaxiMate can do

Real-time Remote Transceiver Support to onsite technicians 


The Cloudtronics MaxiMate unit is a hardware device for providing turn-up testing, a full suite of coding capability and live support options for Mikrotik transceivers.

A probe feature can assist with clearing dirt related faults with the inspection of the optical end-face of the optical receptacle.

MaxiMate also has a built-in serial port for terminal support. This allows communication directly with switches under test, the monitoring of SFP related problems and the detection of hardware or code faults related to the transceivers.

The Cloudtronics remote assistance service can provide real-time assistance with live specialist advice over Live Chat.

MaxiMate was formerly known as CloudMate

Cloudtronics specialises in providing unique solutions which are tailored to our client’s requirements with built in cloud support.

We assist in the complete solution cycle, from inception, design, POC, manufacturing, setup and handover.

We eliminate risks by controlling the entire development and deployment cycle of our products and services:


  • Cloud Electronics devices and systems
  • Optical fibre transmission
  • Consultancy on communication systems
  • Multiplexing and transmission equipment
  • IPTV transmission and solutions
    Equipment training and support

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